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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Random Game Ideas Volume 2

Here’s another collection of random game ideas I dumped on Twitter. I left them mostly unedited again. These are all from the same day. I may do an editing pass later but I don’t have time right now. I actually like a few of these enough to look into them later… maybe. J

  • Brain Dead: a game in which you program how a zombie brain functions. Release zombie into the wild and see if you successfully take over.

  • ProtoTour: Real car manufacturers (BMW, etc.) supply designs for futuristic hovercraft. Wipeout as if it were an actual simulation racing game.

  • All Aboard: Build a ship and then stack as many people on it to see how many you can safely carry. More wins. Like bridge constructor games.

  • Burn Baby Burn: 3D Side Scroller. You play as a toddler made of fire spreading flames where you go. Burn buildings without getting PUT OUT!

  • Rain of Terror: you play as a rain cloud that can terrorize by using different things as rain. Rain down scorpions, gasoline, etc. to destroy

  • Sim Haunted House: Design haunted houses where little simulated crowds run through. Too scary and nobody goes, not scary enough nobody cares.

  • Vicious Cycle: Create a bicycle of Doom. Extend all kinds of weapons from the front and then see if it can reach the end of a warzone.

  •  Dozer Dozer: Play as a character that periodically falls asleep while using a bulldozer. Rival construction crews hire you to destroy sites.

  • Oh Snap: Play as a character trying to break as many bones falling down stairs to get a massive insurance claim. Try to be seen on way down.

  • Bad Puppy: You control a puppy that is possessed by a demon. Try to suppress the evil long enough to get adopted. Once at a new home UNLEASH

  • Halo: You control a halo that turns anyone it sits over into an angel. Prevent bad people from committing crimes by hovering over them.

  • Book Worm: You play as a worm in a library. Your goal is to eat as many pages out of books without getting seen. It's a busy library.

  • Monkey Business: You control a monkey in a suit setting up a business providing services for other animals. Build up your monkey workforce.

  • Comedy Club: a game where you have a character who has a magical club that makes people laugh when you hit them with it. Make everyone happy

  • The Pick Up artist: a game where you draw different portions of a device that can pick up objects of different shapes. Draw the Claw!

  • Don’t Cry Spy Guy: Play as a Spy on a mission. He has flashbacks to similar moments in his childhood that made him cry. Avoid similar moments

  • Anger Management: A game where you play as an angry manager who rules through RAGE! Unleash your inner FURY to keep employees productive!

  • Unbelievable Discovery: Play as an archaeologist who needs to rearrange existing dino bones to make up new creatures to fake new discoveries (Alt Name: ArchaeoloTwist) Dino Bone Mix Up.

  • The Memorizer: You play as a character that can do anything that anyone does after seeing it done once: Watch someone practice then steal their glory.

  • Super Moves: A fighting game where every button is a super move and you can use them without requiring meter build up. Maybe no blocking.

  • Starving Artist: A game where you play a hungry artist who needs to paint based on requests to make money to eat. Speed Painting Rhythm Game.

  • Tossing and Turning: You play as a character trying to sleep. Bed Bugs try to creep up on you. Toss them out of bed by turning to face them.

  • Choose your Phone Adventure: Generate a multiple choice story based on contacts in your phone. After finishing your story it gets mailed out to your contacts.

  • Help!: a role playing game where you can't play. You have to make requests that allow your friends to play for you. Hopefully they listen.

  • Hot Line: You play as a character working for a phone sex line! You can only respond to callers using pre-recorded lines on a sound board. Would be fun to team up with FunnyOrDie to make "Hot Line" with famous comedians recorded for the sound board you use.

  • Road Kill: A photorealistic next gen "Frogger like" simulation where you play as a small animal trying to cross a busy highway. Real Life.

  • Solar Flair: You play as a Sun/Star trying to impress all of the other Stars in the Galaxy by sending out spectacular multicolored Flares.

  • Sensei: You play a teacher who must train students how to fight. The catch- CPU controlled students complete quests based on your teaching.

  • Protect Us All: wall creation simulator. Take turns building/repairing/defending a giant wall against creatures/natural disasters. Physics Sim

  • All Hail The King: You are a storm king and you have to generate massive hail storms to protect the kingdom and influence your people.

  • Magic Mixologist: You play as a Witch Bartender who brews beverages for the witches and warlocks partying after a hard day of conjuring.


I want Assassin's Colossus: a cross between Assassin's Creed and Shadow of the Colossus. Parkour + Giant Moving Levels = Win!