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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Coming Soon?

Coming Soon!
·         How writing down your intentions can sometimes help to motivate you and allow you to remember.
I thought it would be cool to list out some of the possible blog entries I’m thinking about for the future. This is more for me to just keep track of subjects I have interest in talking about. I might not get to all of them but they are all things I talk about with friends from time to time. Some of these might end up short as you can get a lot out of the titles but I’m looking forward to getting them down in writing.
I won’t be discussing Halo 4 stuff or anything relating to 343Industries. There are more official sources for those subjects. This will just be some of my personal opinions and philosophies. Hopefully there will be something in here that might be of interest to you. They might change in subject and tone as well once they happen. Let’s look into the future and see what’s coming soon… err or later! ;)

      Subtractive Design!
·         How less is sometimes more.

·         Some exercises to help you flex your creative brain hamsters.
·         Most humans are genetically hardwired to find certain visual things appealing. Here’s a few of them to think about.
Highest Highs! Lowest Lows!
·         The emotional journey of game development.
Find your Family!
·         Who you surround yourself with matters in life, work and play.
Metroidvania for Beginners!
·         A few helpful hints for developing games featuring lock and key mechanics and re-traversal elements.
It’s not what you do! It’s how well you do it!
·        There are lots of games that do the same things, why are some of them better than others!
Platformer Polish!
·         Some often overlooked things to consider when making side scrolling platformers!
Your camera IS your game!
·         How the camera is the view into your world.
·         Some things are iconic, timeless and definitive. This is what makes them that way.
Take the Throne or Make Your Own!
·         A discussion about Red and Blue Ocean Theory.
Yo Dawg I heard you like Zelda!
·         My opinions on how I think Ico and Shadow of the Colossus may have been influenced by Zelda.
Go with the flow!
·         Combos in Street Fighter 2 were a bug! Why sometimes you should work with what you’ve got instead of making what you wanted.
·         There are factors in play that are out of your control.
Comfort and Surprise!
·        Two great tastes... something, something, together!
Everything Matters!
·         You might not care about it yourself or even realize it exists, but someone else sure does!
·         How to see the things that you ordinarily cannot.
It Takes a Team!
·         How you need people even if you are making a game by yourself!
·         Everyone on a team matters and brings more to the table than you know!
Destructive Games!
·        How some games have the power to ruin your ability to enjoy others.
·         Limitations create gameplay opportunities.
·         Everyone would love to do anything they ever wanted without restriction… Until they can!
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!
·         How including pictures can make what you are talking about more interesting and understandable!
·         We live in a world of instant gratification so most people don’t have time to waste reading.
·         How I should have included more images in this post. J
To be continued… In actual blog entries.

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